Success through trust.

The mission and vision.

The mission of ALAS Utex is to build success through trust.

Raw materials are valuable. Trust is priceless. The greater your trust, the greater the success.

In our opinion, trust management is the only way to success, measured by the long-term perspective. The aim is to build long-term relationships with employees, customers and suppliers. Credibility, transparency and continuous quality control at all stages of the production process allows us to build trust management among business partners.


  • maintaining the leading position on the market for aggregates production in the Silesian region
  • proper deposit management understood as the use of technology for maximum utilization of exploited deposits
  • acting – We act and think positively. We follow the principle ‘trust rather than control’. Our relationship and communication with environment are open, full of trust and mutual respect.  For our partners we always want to be a reliable and foreseeable partner
  • strengthening – the implementation of a corporate culture has the purpose of strengthening our team spirit. That\’s why we rely on direct contact instead of a hierarchy to promote openness and understanding of our employees. People in the organization are not the most important ‘asset’ but represent our strength and ideas
  • responding – the search for economically and ecologically optimized solutions to best meet the needs of customers so understood responsibility turns into innovation
  • restoring – we combine our business goals with environmental protection. Through aware and thoughtful action we minimize the negative effects of direct interference with the environment and by appropriate methods of reclamation we make a contribution to improving the attractiveness of our surroundings