Interview with Mr. Sławomir Płys, Director of Development Keller Polska – contractors of the
“Flood Reservoir Racibórz ” 

What is the specialty of Keller?

Keller Polska is a global leader in the design and construction of complex geotechnical works. Each design task is considered individually for the application of optimum technology and technoeconomic effects in given conditions. We specialize
in making gravel columns and slurry 

Why did you choose ALAS Utex as the key supplier of the Raciborz Dolny Reservoir?

Your offer was the most advantageous in terms of the quantity of assortments offered as well as the quality of the material.

(Source: ALAS Utex)

(Source: ALAS Utex)

Are you satisfied with your cooperation with ALAS Utex?

I’m very satisfied. What should be mentioned is the speed of making the decision

and the immediate activity of the ALAS Utex team. Your company can handle
difficult situations.

What would you like to change by looking at our current cooperation?

Nothing. In business I value a solid partner who hardly sets the conditions and that’s who you are. 

How do you assess the quality of delivered materials and reliability and timeliness? 

I always express a positive opinion about our cooperation. The quality of your materials was very good.
There was nevera reason to meet at the table.

Should you remain on the construction site of Raciborz Reservoir and other construction sites, would you prefer ALAS Utex as the key material supplier?

First and foremost, you have manage to provide a large amount of materials that meet  the requirements of the project.
You are a predictable 
and solid partner. If in the future our business paths will meet again, without hesitation I will choose Alas Utex as the Supplier.